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it came and where did it land? as you can see -- >> watch out, steve! i have another one coming. >> steve, that was then. this is now! fire! u.s. companies are getting prepared for a big spike pass the cost to you and it does not stop there. hope you had a great weekend, welcome back as we begin. martha: i had a great weekend. good morning, everybody. this is a very big development because close to 200 million people get their health insurance like you probably do from your employer. but you could soon suffer a big sticker shock and all of this. meanwhile one of the top hospitals in america, the cleveland clinic held up at the great success story by president obama is now seeing the cold, hard truth to this thing. laying off workers, slashing their budget to pay for the bills that have been run-up. bill: stuart varney pleading that coverage. first to you, the matter of the cost to the employees. stuart: obamacare forces all of us to get insurance. next year we will have to enroll in an insurance plan, that means far more people will be enrolling in the employment health plan off
in a hearing on the hill. in that hearing will be louisiana congressman steve selise. concerns were raised in march of last year. what do you know about this? >> we are all seeing the debacle of not just the website but all of the other problems related to people losing policies. a lot of things we predicted years ago. the president said we were wrong when we were making these predictions. in some the hearing we had secretary sebelius and others saying everything would be fine. but we are seeing that everything is not fine and they knew it. there was chaos where you literally had nobody in charge. bill: who was made aware of it in the spring? >> this goes all the way up to secretary sebelius. tavenner, the chief technology officer at the white house. the president is saying it's going to be like buying tv objectv onamazon. this website is a national embarrassment and the president should have known about it. if he didn't know about it, then there should be people held accountable and fired. we would test the smallest changes for weeks. they were making large changes days before rollout and
by chatting them up, you know, talking to them. national correspondent steve centanni is live in washington. steve, what do we know about this? >> reporter: well the government accountability office, gregg, has issued a report and basically says the government's wasting money with a program to pick out suspicious people lining up at security checkpoints. it says there is no credible scientific evidence that an officer can spot someone who is a real threat just by looking for unusual behavior. tsa has spent about $900 million on the program since it was launched in 2007 and dedicated 2800 personnel to the project. the report concludes that until tsa can provide evidence demonstrating that behavioral indicators can be used to identify passengers who may pose a threat to aviation security, the agency takes the risk of funding activity that is have not been determined to be effective. the report also indicated investigative reports of racial profiling with the program and found evidence that was occurring as well, gregg. gregg: what is the tsa saying about this, steve? >> reporter: they defend
in technology. >> for more on this and what we can expect in the coming days, steve hays is here, the president has stuck his neck out. he maybe trying to dial it back a little bit, what happens? >> i think you see a stampede from the democrats in red states and those up in 2014, but the president's biggest supporters as well. we have seen hintsf of this, but i think you are likely to see if the website isn't fullly functional an increase in the numbers in the next week. >> what might senators, in particular, we know what the house would do, what might senators do about it? >> i think at some point they will run for cover. this isn't going to be complicated soon. you have a system that isn't working. a website that isn't working. the problem for many in congress is that there is no prosspect for -- prospect -- this is going to work the way they are saying. you have difficulties with the enrollment process, getting young healthy people to sign up, those are people that need to sign up to offset the additional risky health benefits for the older people. i think you have real problems beyond just
: implementation is one thing. delay is another thing. steve hayes in washington. martha: bombshell details on what the administration knew about the launch of the trouble-plagued website. new documents show the system didn't hold up under stress tests leading up to the big day. the question is why didn't they put it on hold. in fact they weren't even close to where they were going to be. the site could tomorrow handle 1,000 users on a day before october 1. that's 1,000 users at a time nationwide. think about how small that is. gets 95 million users a month which works out to 2,000 users per minute. bill: it has been quiet on the ceo front of these insurance companies. but we heard from one of the big five. he's urging government officials to quote push the pause button and shut down until it's fixed entirely. he says this is the best short-term solution. instead of trying to fix tonight a patchwork manner day by day and hour by hour. martha: the number of people losing their health plans keeps growing. so far 4 million policies. 4 million people got unwanted letters in th
on a voice mail. martha: so where does that leave him? steve harrigan is live in tampa with more. steve, a lot of debate over these comments. was it threatening or was it just locker room talk. what did richie incognito accomplish with this interview over the weekend you think? >> reporter: martha, richie incognito is trying to make the case that these racist messages were taken out of the context of the locker room. he said he himself received a message from martin which martin threatened to kill incognito's entire family. >> jonathan martin texted me on my phone. i will murder your hole f-ing family. now, do i think jonathan martin would murder my family? not one better. >> left that text for you? >> he texted me that. i didn't think he would kill my family. i knew it was coming from a brother, coming from a friend, from a teammate that puts in context how we communicate with one another. >> reporter: incognito said that the two players. >> changed more than 1,000 texts back and forth in just the past year, martha. martha: wow. it is very interesting how this whole thing has developed
to congress. it's a deep barrel. back to the hearing. you will hear from the main players and steve hayes next. bill: representative cummings will deliver his opening statement. we'll hear from todd park, henry chow. there is growing pressure by democrats to fix it. 5 million have been kicked off their insurance. how do you get it back. mike mccaul is also about to start a hearing on internet security. >> there are 500 bogus web sites, fake web sites that say it's obamacare but it's not. it's not these other web sites true to lure you in. bill: you say dissecting this law now or rebuilding it is like playing that jim ganga where you try to knock a piece out and make sure the pile doesn't fall down. >> this is the fundamental problem with what democrats are facing. you can't pull one little piece out and expect it to stand or pull one after another and try to rebuilt as it's currently structured. i think this is occurring to people and i think that's why you are seeing democrats having trouble defending the law. >> our brain room did some research this morning. this is what they
about what they knew about this situation? >> reporter: the owner steve ross called for an independent outside investigation from the nfl. the coach has been on the defensive. yesterday we were at the dolphins training center where he was peppered with questions by the meade what who wants to know what he knew and when he knew it. >> if the review shows this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to insure that it is. i have that obligation to the players that i coach on a daily basis. i will do that. >> reporter: there has been a lot of outrage about incognito's behavior and his racist texts inside the locker room. no player attacked incognito. several took to praising him as a great teammate. bill: the coach said the right thing there. now you have to figure out what the team knew if it knew anything. >> it's clear he had a difficult past and he's unpush in that lights as far as the rest of the nfl goes. you have this buffedy in there with him using the "n" word. bill: it's election day and a certain new jersey governor is up for reelection and it could
that couldn't have been a worse nightmare. martha: steve, there was hope that a win would quiet the bad press. >> reporter: it looks like their 73-year-old owner steve ross has been taking a beating. he said this is his worst nightmare and it's appalling. he said he didn't know grown men actually spoke to each other like this. >> change need to be made. we need to look at ourselves. we need to examine things internally. we know a football locker room is a different workplace than most us are accustomed to, and i don't want to make any excuses. i want to know our workplace going forward will be the best workplace you can find in the nfl. >> a meeting between ross and martin tomorrow is shrouded in secrecy. >> so much of this is still a mystery because they appear to have been good friend. about it seems like something happened. >> still a lot of questions two weeks in. in part that's because we heard directly from one side, that it view with ritchie incognito. martin will meet with the owner and nfl investigators and their report will be public. and we are waiting for a videotaped statement fr
of the day will be wrong. steve hayes, a fox news contributor, good morning. >> there are two investigation. there is evidence that that jobs support was manipulated. julius buckman who worked at census bureau admitted to fabricating data. he he he was instructed by superiors to fabricate the data to fill in some gaps. those are serious charges that need to be looked into. martha: jack welch tweeted that that couldn't possibly be true. now it's looking like he might have been right. >> we talked about it here and on special report. it seems to be an anomalous jobs report. nobody could come up with a good explanation at the time. i think we are a long way before concluded something like that did happen. it's interesting that this columnist at the post is willing to talk to congress about it and willing to share that information. it certainly deserves further investigation. martha: steve, thank you very much. bill: a congressman appearing in court facing charges of cocaine possession. elizabeth is live in washington. >> reporter: days arraignment day for tre radel. the documents charge he unl
flight delays all over because of the nasty weather. steve is live at regan airport. >> there is a domino effect where a flight delay in one city affects many others city. let's take a look at regan national airport in washington, d.c. it has died off, but it is coming in waves. there have been 209 cancelations >> we are seeing about 200 flight cans cancelations and about 150 delays. that number is likely to grow. during the day it will impact more and more people. a cancelation from boston impacted someone in dallas-fort worth or detroit. stay on top of the flight schedules and get to the airport early and be patient. >> those numbers have been updated. 209 cancelations for today only. and 1, 596 for the week >> the fellow gave advice, what else can you do? >> check ahead before coming to make sure the flight isn't canceled or delayed. check the social media. check online. and if you do need to contact the airport, you can do that best by calling them. but of course the tsa check-pointericheck check-points are a major consideration. they are gearing up. >> we school 1.8 million and today
another year. >> it's a day to remember those who farm. thanks so much, steve. >> reporter: forget the parade downth avenue in manhattan. there is a parade, we are talking about the one going into stores. more retailers are opting to go into thanksgiving instead of waiting for black friday. which store are opening today and why are they doing it? >> happy green thursday. that's what some are calling this thanksgiving day as more and more stores are opening on the holiday because they say it's what customers wants. but others say the trend ruins the holiday for the employees. macy's is opening at 8:00 p.m. and staying open until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. target, best buy and jc penney also opening tonight. walmart is open as it has been for the last 25 years. >> shopping on thanksgiving is becoming a new tradition. and retailers are listening to their customers and responding to demand. >> reporter: the national retail federation he another reason stores are open on thanksgiving is the holiday shopping season runs just 27 days. retailers are expecting the average american to send $
together. so we will see whether or not he comes back to the question. the hearing continues and steve hayes is listening in washington dc and he is going to analyze where we are at the moment. martha: we will take you back there and just a while. in the meantime, we told you about a stunning new report and this story that richie incognito was told that he needed to toughen up teammate jonathan martin. is that really what happened? we will talk about that when we come back. bill: during the commercial break, kathleen sebelius really going in and out of this and we will be taking commercials throughout this hearing. here is senator orin hatch. questioning the veracity of the administration and secretary kathleen sebelius. >> put simply, there is a long track record of broken promises with this committee and the american people with respect how this law should work were woodwork and the impact it would have. i would hope that that will stop today. no more caveats, no more excuses. just giving us the truth. answers like we don't know. bill: he asked kathleen sebelius why not just take the
that as well. steve, good to see you in new york. >> thanks, bill. >> tornadoes that ripped through the midwest over the weekened leveling homes and entire neighborhoods in a matter of seconds. we're live in one of the hardest-hit areas. bill: going one-on-one with toronto's crack-smoking mayor. we hear his side of the story in an exclusive interview you will only find here on the fox news channel. >> i learned from my mistakes. we'll move forward. i will continue to fight for the little guy. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. there's a lot i had to do... ... watch my diet. stay active. start insul
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14